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"If You've Been DUMPED, I'll Show You How To Get You Ex Back In Minutes With These 3 Secrets,
Even If They Hate Your Guts"

How To Get Your Ex Begging To Get Back With You, Like It Was 100% Their Idea...

From The Desk Of: Mike Hunt
RE: How To Get Your Ex Back In Minutes

Dear Pitiful Relationship Junkie,

I'm going show you exactly what I did to get my ex lover back after I cheated, and how things are now better than they ever were before. I'll show you how to get your ex to forget about anyone else they have in their life right now. It doesn't matter what happened between you two, by the time you are done reading this page, you'll know exactly what you have to do, to get your ex begging to get back together with you, like it was 100% their idea.


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Even though you might now believe it right now, I promise you that by the time you finish reading this page, you'll know exactly what to do and how to say it, to trigger a deep, primal response in your ex lover that will make them come crawling back to you.

"Because I Know What A Relief It Is When That Pain In Your Heart, That Physical Pain They Created,
Finally Starts To Evaporate Forever."

How good it felt when they begged you to go to dinner with them, or to come over and play in the sheets all day, like they did when you very first met.

How you can reignite that irresistible attraction they once felt for you. How they used to confess their love for you on a daily basis, and how you can have that again, if you follow exactly what I show you.

How You Have Potentially Ruined Every Chance You Ever Had At Getting Your Ex Back. And The Crazy Thing Is, You Don't Even Know What You've Done Yet.

If you're like most people after you get dumped, you probably fell into a deep depression. And shortly after that, you told each other something like "No matter what I will always love you, even if its just as friends."

But I think that you actually look at the situation for what it really is, you'll realize that you're not friends right now, nor will you ever be if it continues as it is right now.

And to make things worse, I'm sure everyone close to you in your life is probably telling you things like... "If you love them, let them go" or "just do you for while and they will come around once they see you living your life"

But While You're Feeling Lonely And Taken
Advantage Of, They Are Off With Someone Else,
Falling In Love All Over Again.

It's like a dagger to your heart to even think about that, much less see pictures of them on Facebook, or seeing your ex in public with someone else. And ever since you got dumped, you've felt nothing but deep feelings of love for them.

And as embarrassing as it might be, let's admit it, you've probably left some voicemails of things you wished you said when you were still had your ex in your arms. In fact, if you really love them, you've probably hit them up in every way possible.

I'm talking tons of missed calls, multiple text messages, blasting their wall on Facebook or Twitter, and heck, maybe you even tried to show up at their house or work to "surprise" them.


I'm About To Show You How You Can Turn The Tables On Your Ex And Make Them Realize
What They've Been Missing.

I know you can't stop thinking about it. Stop thinking about how the one you love, and who used to love you (and still does) can just blatantly just ignore you like that.

Why does it seem like that they don't love me anymore? What can you do to get your ex lover to finally just start to acknowledge you again? To see you again? And to realize how deeply in love with you, they still are, and tell you every day, like they used to.

In order to show you how to do that, I need to tell you something about relationships that no one has ever told you before. Something that if you do, will reveal the truth as to how you can fix your situation.

It will show you how to strip the armor from their heart and put a spark back into your love like you've never experienced before. To actually force them to love you more, than they did before.

But Before I Show You How To Do That, You Must Understand That The Love You Two Once Shared
Is Now Dead And Gone Forever.

That chapter in your relationship is straight up closed, and only once you realize that, will you be able to reignite it.

I Know That's Some Tough Love, But It's Actually A Good Thing.

Here's Why...

Like most people, you've been attempting everything in the book to try and get your lover back. Everything you could possibly think of to try and get them to love you again.

But here's the cold hard truth. Trying to get your lover back, is like throwing ice cubes at the devil. It's just stupid. And even if it did work, you'd become one of those cliche couples that breaks up every week and only gets back together when they are horny, only to break up again.

Fact is, I've helped thousands of people around the world get back together with their ex lovers, many of which have gone on to have long lasting relationships full of nothing but pure love.

And I've also had my share of terrible breakups.

I once got dumped over a text message.

Can you image how painful and embarrassing that is?

Maybe that happened to you, I don't know.

But What I Learned From My Share Of Relationship Hard Knocks Is That The Moment You And Your Lover Break Up, That Chapter Of Your Relationship Is Over!

And that's a good thing because it opens the door for an opportunity to reboot the entire thing and create a deeper love and a deeper bond between the two of you than ever before.

If you play your cards right, this is a way for you both to overcome any obstacles that previously existed in your relationship that held it back from reaching its full potential.

Here's the bad news. You either did a lot of little things that finally escalated to a big enough point to cause the break up, or, you did one big thing that was a simple mistake.

You Have To Confront The Real Reason
You Two Broke Up In The First Place.

Without doing this, anything you do will lead you right back to where you are now.


Depressed and feeling regret for what it could have been.

All while they move on to find someone else, someone who can satisfy every need they have, mentally and physically.

But the good news is this. You can't have your lover back the way it was. And trust me, you don't want that either.

But The Good News Is You Can Use These 3 Techniques I'm About To Reveal To You And Get Them Back And Actually Make Them Think It's Their Idea.

You know, the relationship you two were always meant to have. The relationship where you're like best friends who love each other. Who share everything openly and honestly, and who treat each other with love and respect at ever hour of the day.

You can have it. I promise. But to get it, your lover needs you to do 3 simple things for them before they will accept you back into their life.

Key Technique #1

Remind Them Who You Are!

You have to remind them that YOU are the person they are meant to spend the rest of their life with, and you do this by eradicating all of the hurtful afterthought of anything negative in the relationship.

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Key Technique #2

Let Go Of Your Past!

Your feelings of guilt and hurt are blocking you from accepting their love. You have to accept that whats done is done and move on to creating some fresh and brand new with your true love. Let go of your past impressions of them and let new ones form. This is tough because you must allow yourself to be venerable again, but its key that you do it.

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Key Technique #3

Straight Up Seduction!

You need to get in their pants. The key to this is by appealing directly to their deepest human desires. Sex. A great way to do this is by offering oral sex with no reciprocation. Then when its just starting to get all hot and steamy. Go in for the real deal and make them feel that connection they know they love.

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Now since you're reading this letter...

I'm Sure The Break Up Is Still A Mess And Doing Those 3 Things Will Probably Seem Impossible Right Now.

Let Me Show You How Its Done

I'm sure you realize by now that calling them every hour on the hour and leaving pathetic voice messages or texts, coming from a place of need, is NOT the way to get it done.

You DON'T do it by interrogating their friends, and you sure as hell don't do it by stalking them on Facebook and FourSquare.

It might sound strange at first, but the best way to flip the tables on your lover and get them to start begging for YOUR attention again is to send them these specific types of text messages that literally force them to reply.

But you've probably already done this and either got completely ignored, or got replies of hatred and anger. That's okay. You didn't send the right text message.

Look, sending out the texts that are needy, begging for attention, or saying sorry a million times only make them more resentful towards you. It will literally destroy any chances you have left. If you've already sent a few, it's still salvageable, but don't send anymore until you KNOW what you are doing.

Until You Know How To Craft The Perfect Text Message That Digs Deep Into Their Head And Makes Them Feel That Sense Of Wonder They Once Felt For You And Your Body, You Need To Stop.

DO NOT Send Any More Text Messages Until You Know Exactly How To Make THEM Miss YOU!

Here's the trick. Even if they don't respond right away, that's okay! When you send a text message like what I'm about to show you, it will plant a seed in their mind that they will start watering all day long with fantasies about you and how much they miss being with you.

When that seed blossoms. You've got them!

You'll cause them to think things like...

"OMG, what if I was wrong for starting the fight and breaking it off?"


"Holy shit, they really love me, what if I never find a love this strong ever again?"

And when you do that, it's power. You're putting the power back into your hands. You're getting the control back over the relationship.

When I showed a group of my customers how to do this, their jaws dropped with aww at how simple and stealthy this ONE text message was. You just have to know what to say.

Sending The Perfectly Crafted Text Message Can Have A Ripple Effect On Your Lovers Mind That Will Set Them Into A Desperation To Get You Back!

Doing it right creates an emotional bridge between the two of you that is unbreakable.

The reason a simple text message can do this is because you already know your lover on a deeper level than most people and you know what makes them tick. Therefore, you can leverage that knowledge to send them a text that resonates on a heart string that only you know about.

By mastering this, you'll be able to literally command their attention whenever you please by simply copy and pasting a text message template that we give you.

How would you like to make them remember the feeling of your first kiss without even having to say it? To implant that seed in their mind, instead of you having to tell them yourself.

It's like the movie Inception. Your job is to plant the idea in their subconscious mind without them being aware of what you're actually doing. And when you get it just right, the results are seriously mind blowing.

Once planted, the seed starts to grow into a world of top secret text message conversions between you two that is like an escape from the normal world. Making each other feel special, probably like you used to do all the time when the relationship was going great.

You Will Become Undeniable And They Won't Even Know Why. They Will Feel What You Feel Now. And The Power Will Transfer Hands, From Theirs Into Yours, Almost Instantaneously.

Shortly after that, your lover will begin to have huge feelings of regret towards letting you go, towards getting angry with you, and they will start to feel the guilt you feel now.

Now I must warn you that the principles and the techniques that you are about to learn can be used for evil, so if you have intentions of getting revenge on your ex or attempting to screw them over, I really can't even reveal this stuff to you. We can only share this powerful information with you if your love and intentions are true for you ex.

Because what's going to happen next, is they are going to start plotting and scheming of ways to get you back. To be with you again, and if you only want them to feel the pain you feel now, then we honestly can't help you. Because that would be wrong.

But if you truly want to fall deeper in love with your ex, and create a bond unbreakable by anything, then keep reading this letter because I'm about to reveal it all.

I Understand That What I'm
About To Learn Shouldn't Be Used For Evil
And I Promise To Keep My Intentions Pure.

So How Does It All Work?

Excellent question. Are you ready for the answer?

Just like I've showed thousands of people before you, I'd like to show you now exactly how to use your smart phone to turn the tables on your ex and plant a dream seed in their mind, using only a text message, that grows into an unbreakable romance.

That creeps into the dojo of their brain like a ninja and creates an aura of positive expectancy of every future communicate you two have together.

Again, Done Correctly, You'll Have Your Lover Come Crawling Back To You, Apologizing To You,
That They Ever Left In The First Place.


By using our copy and paste text message seduction system called...

"Get Your Ex Back In Minutes"

Send Our Tested And Proven Text Message Templates That Will Turn The Tables On Your Ex Lover
And Force Them To Chase You.

That will force them to see you as the one they have always truly desired, even if they don't right now. And to wake up and realize that YOU are the one they are meant to be with.

And The Best Part?

All it takes is copy, paste and send.

And you can do it from any phone capable of sending a text message.


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